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Covert, the newest and stealthiest addition to the Kind Pen family. This is no ordinary vaporizer; Covert takes your vaping experience to new heights of discretion and convenience. Its ingenious design cunningly ‘hides’ the cartridge within the battery, giving it the appearance of an average disposable e-juice vape pen. With Covert, your vaping habits stay under the radar, maintaining your privacy.

But it doesn’t stop at looks. Covert is power-packed with practical features. It’s equipped with a preheat function at 1.8v and four voltage settings that ensure thicker oils are easily vaporized. Be it a cozy indoor setting or a chilly outdoor environment, Covert adapts effortlessly.

One of Covert’s standout attributes is its universal compatibility. This versatile vaporizer can handle 0.5, 1, and 2 milliliter cartridges. With Covert, you can switch between different cartridges from various brands without having to juggle multiple devices. Streamlined and efficient, that’s Covert’s game.

Not only that, but Covert also offers dual activation modes for ease of use. You have the freedom to switch between draw activation for a smooth, button-free session, or the tactile satisfaction of button activation. Add in the powerful 650mAh battery capacity, and you’re set for long, uninterrupted vape sessions without worrying about charging.

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